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One Day Restorations at Brentwood Smiles: Your Path to a Perfect Smile

At Brentwood Smiles in Essex, our friendly team knows how valuable CEREC® is for creating perfect dental restorations that keep your smile looking great. Many people choose CEREC dental restorations for two main reasons: they can match the colour of their teeth and hide imperfections to improve their smile.

If you’re wanting a smile makeover in just one day – keep reading!

Our CEREC® machines allow our dentists to craft custom-made restorations, like dental crowns, on-site. This means there’s no need for multiple visits; the entire process is a same-day dental crown procedure that gets you in and out of the dentist’s chair in one afternoon. It’s perfect for people on the go who are short on time.

At Brentwood Smiles, we use CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) Primescan technology.  It’s the latest dental technology that uses CAD/CAM technology to craft your esthetic ceramic restoration of choice.

CEREC® Primescan is an extremely fast and highly accurate digital scanner. It scans the patients teeth without the discomfort of a conventional impression. Plus, the medical-grade PC, along with the CEREC® Primemill machine, ensures an incredibly precise process, creating smooth surfaces, perfect margins, and ultrafine structures.

Say goodbye to those unsightly metal crowns or the need for a temporary crown. CEREC® Primescan will create your perfect dental crown or restoration in minutes.

You can even watch your brand new smile being created in front of your eyes!

Our CEREC crown procedure works like this:

First, a small amount of your tooth’s natural enamel is gently removed.

Your dentist then takes a digital image and designs the new ceramic crown using computer aided manufacturing.

Your new crown is then sent to a machine in our dental laboratory to create the restoration.

The best part? You can have your restoration completed on the same day, eliminating the usual weeks of waiting associated with traditional methods like traditional dental crowns. The entire process is done on the day while you wait in our dental practice.

After a root canal treatment, a traditional crown requires a temporary crown to be fitted which you’ll wear until the new crown is ready. This usually means you’ll have to follow a strict diet avoiding a significant amount of hard foods.

CEREC crowns streamline the process, saving you from the inconvenience of a second visit to your dentist and eliminating damage to the surrounding teeth.

Instead of using uncomfortable and messy digital impression materials, CEREC uses a small, non-invasive camera to take digital impressions. This makes the process more comfortable and convenient for patients.

CEREC crowns not only enhance your smile but also preserve your natural teeth, ensuring you maintain a healthy and functional smile. Additionally, CEREC restorations are known for their precise fit and natural appearance, ensuring your teeth are properly aligned as they are crafted with the assistance of computer aided technology.

Everything is completed in a single day by your dentist, and your natural tooth structure remains intact.

CEREC can be utilised to create various dental solutions, including a permanent crown:

CEREC crowns: Unlike traditional crowns, there’s no need for multiple visits for CEREC crowns. With CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology and our in-house machine, your dentist can design, create and fit your crown in a single visit, ensuring a precise fit and a natural appearance. A temporary crown is no longer required!

CEREC inlays and onlays: If you have moderately damaged teeth, CEREC simplifies the process. Your dentist takes digital impressions, designs your restoration with CAD/CAM, and uses CEREC to craft inlays or onlays from ceramic materials, saving you time and providing a perfect fit.

CEREC bridges: Need a dental bridge? CEREC makes it more straightforward. Your dentist will design and manufacture bridges, ensuring a seamless fit, all in one appointment.

CEREC veneers: Enhance your smile with CEREC veneers.  Our CEREC machine fabricates them from porcelain or ceramic material, giving you a quick and natural-looking cosmetic solution without the need for multiple visits.

CEREC orthodontic appliances: For minor orthodontic adjustments, we use CEREC to create certain appliances like clear aligner trays or retainers, providing you with digital precision and faster solutions.

If you’re interested in any of these CEREC services, please feel free to ask your dentist about them during your next visit.

CEREC technology has transformed dentistry, bringing multiple benefits to both patients and dental professionals. This modern approach streamlines procedures, improves precision, and offers same-day treatment, making dental care more convenient and effective.

CEREC technology has transformed dentistry, bringing multiple benefits to both patients and dental professionals. This modern approach streamlines procedures, improves precision, and offers same-day treatment, making dental care more convenient and effective.

When deciding between a CEREC permanent crown and traditional crowns for your dental restoration, it can be a challenging choice without a clear understanding of the differences. Let’s explore if a CEREC crown outshines traditional ones.

Traditional dental crowns come in different materials, including stainless steel, metal alloys and metal core with high gold or platinum content, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and all-resin. These crowns, crafted in expert dental laboratories, offer an attractive combination of affordability, intricate detailing, and durability. They tend to be resilient against damage and are more than likely eligible for coverage by dental insurance plans.

But, they require multiple appointments, which can be inconvenient and costly for adjustments. Wearing a large temporary crown can also be uncomfortable.

CEREC crowns in contrast, use advanced technology to simplify the restoration process. These crowns are crafted within minutes, using computerised technology to carve them from a single block of porcelain –  eliminating the need for other various materials.

CEREC crowns use modern scanning techniques, eliminating the need for an uncomfortable dental impression. Handheld scanners create contact-free impressions, providing a comfortable experience. The process is remarkably fast, with your crown ready to be placed within hours, custom-made to fit perfectly, and no need for a temporary crown.

However, if you look really closely, you might see that CEREC crowns don’t have the same level of fine detail as traditional crowns made by experts, which can appear just like your other teeth.

Additionally, CEREC crowns have limitations; in cases of severe tooth damage, a traditional crown may be necessary. While CEREC crowns are generally durable due to their all-porcelain construction, they may be slightly less robust than traditional crowns.


Here are some reasons you might need CEREC crowns or restorations:

Tooth decay: CEREC restorations, like tooth fillings, fix cavities that are caused by harmful mouth bacteria that eat away at tooth enamel.

Chipped tooth or broken teeth: CEREC crowns, inlays, and onlays repair a damaged tooth or teeth caused by accidents or biting hard objects.

Tooth fractures: CEREC restorations stabilise and protect a cracked tooth or teeth caused by grinding, injuries, or ageing.

Missing teeth/tooth: CEREC bridges or implants fill gaps left by a removed/broken tooth or teeth, improving both looks and chewing ability.

Worn-down teeth: CEREC crowns rebuild a worn-down tooth or teeth from grinding, acidic foods, or harsh brushing.

Cosmetic enhancements: Procedures like CEREC veneers improve tooth appearance, covering tooth stains or minor tooth misalignments.

Root canals treatment: When a tooth’s inner tissue is infected, root canal therapy removes it and restores the tooth with a CEREC crown – maintaining a healthy tooth structure.

Replacing old fillings: Old silver fillings can damage teeth over time; replacing them with tooth-coloured fillings helps maintain oral health.

Alignment and bite issues: Restorations like a dental crown, bridges, or veneers can be part of orthodontic treatment to fix bite and alignment problems.

CEREC streamlines the entire dental crown process, from the first impression to the final restoration, giving you a quick and stress-free experience.

Say goodbye to the hassles of having a traditional dental impression made.

The cost varies based on location, restoration complexity, and other factors.

Considering the additional expenses and time involved in multiple dentist visits for traditional crowns, CEREC crowns may prove to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run, depending on your specific case.

Many of our patients find that the convenience and benefits of CEREC are well worth the investment.

Ultimately, the decision between CEREC crowns and traditional crowns should align with your unique dental needs and preferences. Consult your dentist for a personalised estimate.

We like to think we’re different from other dental clinics. We like to ensure our patients receive the best dental work – because our dentists genuinely care about your smile and your confidence.  We offer the latest computer assisted technology, affordable dental care and our talented team has over 30 years of experience.

To make the most of your CEREC restorations or Cerec crowns, our dentists recommend regular dental check-ups and sticking to good oral hygiene are highly recommended.

By following these simple steps, your dentist at Brentwood Smiles can spot any dental problems with your dental crowns early and sort them out quickly, so you can keep on smiling brightly.

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When considering a dental crown, you want the process to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. With CEREC, the need for a traditional dental impression is eliminated. Instead, our advanced technology ensures a precise fit for your dental crown.

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